We are not just talking green. We are doing it!

I have been asked several times Jeff, “What type of renewable energy system do you have at home?” My answer has always been nothing.

I got to thinking why should I try sell someone this stuff if I wasn’t doing it too. If it is so great I should use it, right?
Well after months I finally installed grid-tied solar panels on the roof of our garage. They been up there for about 12 days and they are doing GREAT! Actually they are doing better than I had thought. The panels face do West, not South like most panels. They have been generating about 8 kWh a day. That is about 1/2 our daily usage of power.
If you would like to see what we are producing throughout the day you can click this link to see the panels output and total kWh for the day.
This first picture is when I started installing the racking system for the panels.

The silver square things are the inverters, each panel gets one. By having an individual inverter the panels work independent of each other giving you a better solar harvest each day.

This next picture is the final installation.

I installed 8- 220 watt solar panels. We have plans in the Spring to install 6 more panels facing the East. This help us almost get to net-zero each month. So as you can see solar works very well here in Northern Michigan.

If you have question about my installation or would like a free quote for a system of your very own. Please email me [email protected] or give me a call (231) 715-1170

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