Not a Polish joke

I posted last week about the mutant “peppermato” we found in our garden, but it turns out the joke is on me. My Polish brother-in-law gave us a tomato plant, which we planted near a red pepper plant. And as I’ve mentioned, everything became tangled so that we could barely tell one vine from another, so it’s obvious we are a couple of clueless gardeners.

It turns out we are not the harbingers of a mutant cross-breed, but the owners of a Polish heirloom tomato plant called an Opalka. The fruit is shaped like a banana pepper and has very few seeds, but makes great sauce, apparently. Ours haven’t ripened beyond a reddish-orange, so we may never know.

This is what the Opalka should look like:

photo courtesy of

Thanks to all of the more experienced gardeners out there who restrained themselves from posting huge chuckles after my first post. Needless to say, I’ll be doing a lot of planning for next year’s garden over the winter.

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