Visit Leelanau Wine Cellars for the View and Witches Brew

Any time of year, Leelanau Wine Cellars is a destination worth reaching. The tasting room sits alongside Grand Traverse Bay on the peninsula’s eastern edge. The drive up the peninsula can be leisurely with shopping and wine tasting stops in Suttons Bay or a quick drive up to one of Michigan’s largest producers of wine.

The view from the tasting room is breathtaking; the stunning windows offer expansive views of Lake Michigan and the changing seasons. The winery crafts many wine styles, from the very sweet to the very dry. With autumn’s arrival, one wine in particular stands out. Witches Brew, a secret blend enhanced with cinnamon, cloves and other natural spices, is the season’s most popular wine.

Perfect for entertaining adults at your Halloween gatherings, Witches Brew is at its most delicious when served warm. Gently heat it up in the microwave or slowly simmer the wine in a crock pot with a cinnamon stick for a more bewitching brew. At only $6 per bottle, it’s easy to stock up on this spooktacular wine. After wine tasting at Leelanau Wine Cellars, walk next door for a filling meal and more Lake Michigan views at Knot Just a Bar.

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