On-line video resurrects interest in Sufjan Stevens documentary

An on-line buzz has arisen surrounding an unreleased 2006 documentary filmed based in Michigan.


Singer/songwriter and Interlochen Arts Academy alum Sufjan Stevens and his brother Marzuki are the subjects of the film about their trip searching for their estranged father in northern Michigan.


The movie Crooked River has never been released, but a new video on YouTube has raised hopes that it will be.


This clip provides a short view of the pair’s drive with filmmaker Kaleo La Belle between Detroit and Alanson.




Incidentally, Sufjan has a song titled Alanson, Crooked River. It’s a short, wind-chimey instrumental that appears on his 2003 album Sufjan Stevens presents . . . Greetings from Michigan, the Great Lake State. The song is a lead-in to another song titled Sleeping Bear, Sault Ste. Marie. (While that last one at first sounds like he might be geographically confused, it’s really just a series of four musical haikus.)


Stevens reminisced to Traverse Magazine in 2008 about high school band in Petoskey and shared regrets over promising a 50-state-album project.

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