Vander Ark still has the verve

Brian Vander Ark, singer songwriter best known for his part in The Verve Pipe, the popular 1990s band from East Lansing, will be here on Friday, Jan. 21 for a show at InsideOut Gallery.


While he’s appearing solo, the Pipe — whose biggest hit was the 1996 release “The Freshmen” — is still alive and kicking after several personnel changes. In 2009, the group released the un-self-conscious and often silly “A Family Album”, its first CD in over a decade. This can be classified as children’s songs and on one, Vander Ark even sings about his love of cereal.


Listening to the streaming audio on his website shows him to be a personable and personal, melodic and whimsical songwriter.

And you have to figure these words from “Evangeline” are autobiographical: “I used to be a big star, depending on who you ask. Made a million friends in minutes, but the minutes didn’t last.”


Sounds like he’s dealing with it just fine.

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