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March 15, 2011: My first day of training for the 2011 M-22 Challenge

In a burst of mid-life crisis last week I signed up for the M-22 Challenge. It seemed so far away then …But driving home from work with the sun glaring through the windshield at 5:30 p.m. (thank you Daylight Savings Time), I decided, why not start training? So I loaded my mom into the car (she’s the photographer of the above) and drove to the Little Glen Lake public access where this triathlon that has grown so popular in just two years, takes place. While mom took her evening walk, I ran from the beach to the Sleeping Bear Dune Climb, and up it, to the top and a little further–the running route of the triathlon. It was glorious to have the tawny, wide-open dune all to myself, to feel my shoes sink into sand chilled to the consistency of ice cream. By mid-dune I’d slowed to more a walk, but picked it up again near the crest (beginner’s luck?) then jogged a stone’s throw across the flat top. Cue Rocky theme.

The payoff, of course, is the turn around. The sweeping vista of the snow-covered Glen Lakes and historic Stocking Barn. And the run down that is almost as fun 50 years later as it was the first time I toddled down it at 2 years old. Yep, your math is right. I’m 52 and wondering if I’m up to this challenge. But know that I’ll just barely be 52–the race is on June 11; my birthday is June 12. Makes me kind of feel tired thinking about it. Good thing I have neighborly inspiration. Literally. My 100 year-old-neighbor Lou Batori who was just on CBS Sunday Morning because he still ski races. Check out the video we made of him at MyNorth. Lou also still rides his bike around Big Glen Lake every morning three seasons a year, so when I got home, still humming Rocky, and decided to go for a bike ride and found the tires flat, I took it over to borrow his pump. The pump nozzle didn’t fit the tire do-hickey, but never mind that I didn’t get out for a bike ride. I got to hang with Lou and his wife Judith and soak up their energy. Then Judith let me wear her pink CBS hat for the picture. Check it out–and I’ll keep you posted on training for the M-22 [email protected]


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