Yooper Bars — A Book About Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Bars

For those non-trolls looking to tie one on, Yooper Bars is a book in progress that you might find interesting. Their preview spread of The Merchant’s Bar in the UP looks great and offers a short writeup for each bar, bar stats (e.g., “Canadian Currency Welcome”), bar history, photos, drinks offered, and few pieces of trivia like “The quantity of peanuts served annually at The Merch could feed 12 African elephant herds during the dry season.”


It’d be great if someone did something like this for Northern Lower Michigan…

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  1. Thanks for posting that, Michael. It takes me back.


    The Merch is back-to-back with The Evening News across an alley. I worked at the paper in the late ’80s.


    Just about every pay-day, several of us cashed our paychecks, then went across the alley, dodging, coatless, through blizzards or whatever, and spent a good portion of our checks there.



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