Lena Maude Wilson a promising singer-songwriter

Lena Maude Wilson has a realistic outlook on what it means to be a singer-songwriter, though maybe she’s a bit too modest.

She wrote this in response to a Facebook interview: “I’ve attempted to reach out but it’s hard to get responses. Who am I anyway? There’s certainly good reasons to be apprehensive about ‘up and coming’ singer-songwriters.”

Yes, there are a lot of them; seemingly more all the time.

Yet Lena Maude is definitely worth a listen. You can hear and see more on her Web page. (Watch the other video Milky Fingers and see if that tune and her near-whistling falsetto don’t get inside your head. There are a couple more songs in audio on the bottom of the page.)

She was brought up on Jewel and the Cranberries, Iron and Wine and Dylan, among others, and shares some of their sensibilities in her music.

I heard her at the Roundup open mic night at the Hayloft one Thursday night. She’s also played at Horizon Books and the State Theatre before movies at the Traverse City Film Festival.

Look for her style to grow, and for her to hopefully keep the experimentalism as she internalizes other artists’ work.

“To this day I’m still learning about names like Townes VanZandt and sampling what’s really out there,” she says.

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