Winter Walk

The winter has been so warm this year, we haven’t had a lot of snow, and the snow that has fallen has been wet and sticky. The good part is it makes for beautiful morning walks when the snow has arrived in the overnight. This snow blew in over Lake Michigan late one night, and when we awoke to it, we—meaning Codi the dog and me—headed out into the Leelanau County landscape. For those who don’t know, Leelanau County is just northwest of Traverse City.

I’ve always liked how two-tracks get outlined in snow.

Codi is always sniffing and listening for something that’s running around under the snow, victims generally being a mole or a vole. The space between the bottom of the snow and the top of the ground is called the subnivean zone, and there’s a world of life that roams around there all winter. 

See what I mean, sticky snow. The pincherries that have become a thicket in the bird pen make a crazy snow maze, and are good shade for the feathered friends come summer.

This barn was built in the early 1890’s by Polish immigrants who settled north of Cedar. Showing its age a bit, but is an amazing structure.

Your basic proud dog-barn shot. Codi is half husky, half yellow lab and has always been something of a pistol.

Codi…still on the hunt.—Jeff Smith is editor of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine.

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