A morning spent with Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore

I just returned from the City Opera House with Lissa after our morning that we spent at “Susan Sarandon: One on One with Michael Moore.” I am not entirely sure what I was expecting of Michael and Susan, but it wasn’t exactly what I got from the discussion (note, this doesn’t mean I disliked it.) As a 20-year-old, I know Susan Sarandon from movies like Stepmom and Rocky Horror Picture show (and that’s only because it is hip for my generation to know what that movie is now) so seeing her in a political light sort of threw me off. And yes, apparently I haven’t been very tuned into her personal life because now as I am doing more research on her I see that she is indeed pretty outspoken and pretty liberal in her views and this was definitely proven in what she said today.

Have I held you in suspense long enough? Want me to get to the point? Hear about the main discussion points? Fine fine. She and Michael sat down, they joked around with the audience a little bit and then they dove pretty quickly into politics. It caught me off guard when a seemingly political free discussion soon had Susan tearing up as she recalled a painful slander someone had thrown at her when she was with her infant many years ago. Michael seemed to feel pretty terrible about how quickly the conversation veered in that direction and tried to bring the audience back up again with another joke. And that was the pattern that the discussion followed: fun, laugh, jokes that Michael would crack (a memorable one being right after Susan says that Kevin Costner is a great kisser and Michael says “I would say the same thing about Clint [Eastwood]… that’s why I’m dressing nicer….”) and then talking would get really intense and no topic was off limits. Repeat.

Both Susan and Michael hardly held any opinions back about gun issues, gender roles, religion, politics and of course films.  Honestly I feel like I am missing something from that list, that’s how many topics were covered in only an hour and a half.

Some of the conversation was also about the younger generation (a.k.a me and my fellow peers), however I only noticed one person who looked remotely near 20 or younger other than myself. It is definitely not the first time I have been one of the younger people in the room but I always find it interesting to hear the older generation speak about mine. Today’s topics were no different than what I am used to… make education the number one priority, don’t allow those that are uneducated out into the world, we really do need to do something about all the debt 22-year-olds are accumulating to go to school and then come out into a world where they might not even get a job, etc. Like I said, we’ve heard it all before.

It was a very interesting morning and I enjoyed spending it surrounded by a full house of film lovers, Susan Sarandon lovers, Michael Moore lovers and Traverse City lovers.

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