JUICED! Dancing for Single Mothers

Woo hooo !!! This is challenging!

OK, so I have 99% of the footwork down.
Now, I need to make sure the footwork is timed with the music, I need to make sure my moves have finish and polish. I need to learn what to do with my hands and how to wiggle a little more. I saw myself on video and Yikes!, somebody is stiff.
Along with my “pro” dance partner Rodney Woodring, I’m a “star” dancer for Swingshift & the Stars 5th anniversary year.
I’m so excited to be participating and dancing in support of the charity Single MOMM
Swingshift & the Stars has raised over $470,000 for Traverse City area charities over the last four years and they hope to pass the half-million dollar mark during the first competition event on September the 21st at the City Opera House. That is some serious fundraising power!
I am honored to dance representing Single MOMM. I believe in this organization with my whole heart.
Being a single-mother is not necessarily in itself a charitable cause. That said, the single-mothers served by Single MOMM often come with circumstances that have them at the level of mere survival. The programs and support offered by Single MOMM are important to these women, their children and our community. The programs take the women from surviving to thriving. There is very likely a single-mother in your life. Please make a donation to Single MOMM.
I am JUICED to dance! 
–Kelly Ignace, Star dancer, Mother of two, HeadHen of RecycleChicken and Director of Marketing & PR for American Waste

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