Surfing Lake Michigan…decisions, decisions…

Being the art director for Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine certainly has it’s perks. I get to be creative every day. No work is ever the same. I collaborate with creative writers and designers every day. I get to wear shorts to work (one might think on some days that’s the ultimate perk). But quite possibly the best part of my job is being able to design the magazine with some of the best photography out there. Our staff photographer, Todd Zawistowski and a host of amazing freelance shooters deliver us so many beautiful and inspiring images, it actually creates one of the most difficult parts of my job – deciding which images go into the magazine. There is only so much space in each issue, and there are many incredible photos that get left behind. It’s akin to taking a sip of a Huma Lupa Licious and pouring the rest of the pint down the drain. A true pity. 

In our current November issue of Traverse, Traverse City photographer Beth Price shot and wrote a story for us about freshwater surfing. She shot more than a year’s worth of images, and with only six pages at our disposal, our task was to go through and decide what to use. We selected our photos and ended up with what we thought was a great feature. But we wanted to share some of the images that for various reasons didn’t get into the magazine. So we created a slideshow for you to see more of Beth’s photos and to visually experience the surfing scene in Northern Michigan through her eyes (and lens). Click on the link below and enjoy!

You can still get a copy of the November issue of Traverse Magazine. And if you don’t want to miss any of the cool work I get to do, subscribe and get every issue.

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