5 Things: TC Winter Comedy Arts Festival 2013

Highlights, must-sees, and plain ol’ neat stuff happening on Front Street this weekend. We’re in the final hours of the festival madness, so I’m just gonna get straight to the point:

1. The Ferris Wheel: Sure, it’s 16 degrees outside. But how often do you see one of these bad boys in the middle of the street? You don’t.

2. The Laser Light Show: Sorry to tease, folks. This actually came and went last night… But a really vibrant and family-friendly way to end the night downtown.

3. The Sledding Hill: The kiddos get full service at this attraction—A big push at the top, and a helping hand/retriever down at the bottom. BIG props to our volunteers working this one.

4. The Comedy: Guys, the lineup just couldn’t have been better. I stopped in at the State for Susie Essman and Jeff Garlin’s show at 6pm last night, and holy ;ldkjeifasldkjfa. I’ll leave it at this, if you went to a show, and you can probably omit any ab workout for the week.

5. The Ice Sculptures: 18 local businesses brought their A-game to whip up these beauties. And if you’re in the competitive spirit, kids can pick up an Ice Sculpture Scavenger Hunt card in a warming tent for the chance at a $100 downtown Traverse City gift certificate.

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