How to be happier this holiday season

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. The holiday season is upon us and the New Year is not far behind. As we close out this year it can be quite eye opening to look back and revisit some of our experiences with a new perspective as we move forward. Whether you are hoping to never experience some of those things again or look longingly back to fond memories, you will never experience life in the same way ever again. Our life experiences make us stronger and richer and sometimes in contrast our most unhappy times can be followed by our happiest times. I think it may be gracefulness, an auto correct change, but that makes sense too, I meant gratefulness that makes this ring true.

I just watched a Ted talk by Brother David Steindl-Rast who links happiest to gratefulness and he believes that it is not those who ” have it all” that are the happiest but instead those that find joy in simple things and live a life of gratefulness.

You can still ask “Santa baby” for that “really big ring and I don’t mean on the phone”, but first start by being grateful for what you have. I always smile when I hear this Christmas song, especially sung by Eartha Kitt.

Taking the time to reflect, especially during busy times can help you look at things in new ways, making new discoveries. Like Brother David says, “Stop, look, and then go.” We all need more time to look at our lives with gratefulness.

If you have a little scientist on your Christmas list that enjoys making new discoveries, here is the perfect gift suggestion onEtsy by Whimsylore.

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