A Simple Holiday Decoration with a Nod to Northern Michigan

Here’s a quick way to decorate when you don’t have much time or money—you probably have most of these items in your Christmas box or along a walk in the woods. And isn’t a walk in the woods on your list of holiday traditions?

Materials: DSC_1527

Large glass vase or bowl, the simpler the better
Glass Christmas globes
Pine cones
Glitter, I suggest white and sliver
Tacky glue, Elmers is fine in a pinch
Newspapers to cover the work space
Small dishes, can be plates or shallow bowls

1. Pick up some pine cones, either on a nice walk in the woods, or at a craft store.

2. Put glue into one bowl or dish, and glitter into another. I like to mix the white and sliver glitter together.

3. Dip 1/3 to 2/3 of the pine cone tips into glue, just enough to coat the ends in glue.
4. Dip the sticky ends of the pine cone into glitter, then let them dry on the newspaper. You’re going for the look of snow and ice crystals on the edges.

5. When the pine cones are dry, put a few into the bottom of the bowl or vase. Put a layer of the glass ornaments. Continue, alternating the globes with the pine cones.

Options: Last year, I bought a package of cheap white feathers, and included them in the vase.

In my business, we often say, “Good, cheap, fast—pick two.” We mean that you can’t have good things cheaply and fast, or if you want it fast and cheap, it probably won’t be good. As a working mom on a budget, I’m often trying to find ways to get all three. During the holidays, time and money are scarce in our household, but I’m not one for schlocky decor. I’d rather go without, than have something that doesn’t look sophisticated.

Thomas Edison says that necessity is the mother of invention. And this idea was born an hour before a big party. Now it’s a go-to solution even when I have time to do something else. Variations include using several pillar vases in a group, or including a garland among the globes and pine cones.

This year I have a new set of battery operated fairy lights from Pier 1 that might make it into my vases. DSC_1545

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