Sunday in Petoskey

One of my favorite places in Northern Michigan whether it’s Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall is the resort town known as Petoskey. The lovely outdoor scenery worth painting a thousand times on a canvas  blended with the historic Gaslight District is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. I myself have traveled frequently to Petoskey, sometimes with my boyfriend, sometimes solo. Petoskey is the kind of place where you can enjoy outdoor sports one minute and dine in a classy restaurant in your finest clothes the next.

Traffic can sometimes get hectic getting in and out of Petoskey but usually never on a Sunday. Having spent this past Sunday in Petoskey  everything about the place is still vividly planted in my mind. So whether you choose to visit Petoskey on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday here’s the perfect way to enjoy your day in Petoskey.

Start the day with coffee and a breakfast entree at the charming “Roast & Toast” located in downtown. The menu is written on chalkboards against the wall and the friendly staff will be more than happy to make a recommendation. Afterwards head over to “Petoskey State Park” where you can cross country ski through the woods and along the waterfront on 5.5 K of ungroomed trails. Reward yourself with a tour of the legendary “Kilwins” where fudge is king.

Head back to downtown and walk through the doors of “Stafford’s Perry Hotel” truly one of the nicest hotels in Emmet County. Here you can sit by the fireplace and relax a bit or get something to eat or drink at Noggin Room Pub (a little bit of Ireland in the heart of Petoskey). After relaxing you can enjoy some shopping in the famous “Gaslight District.” There are a multitude of stores to explore such as American Spoon, Bearcub Outfitters, Ben Franklin, Cutler’s, Fustini’s Oil & Vinegars and Symon’s General Store. Don’t miss out on J C Penney which has been around since 1927.

By now the daylight hours will soon be turning to dusk and it’s time to head out of Petoskey unless of course you choose to stay which is an excellent idea. You can finish the day with a healthy meal at “Grain Train” an outstanding food co-op that has  marvelous fresh baked goods, soups, hot bar, and salad bar. The food is not only healthy for you but delicious as well.

Petoskey is the perfect resort town to de-stress and enjoy one wonder after another. It’s no wonder Ernest Hemingway loved the place so much.

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