Fishing for answers in FISH TOWN

Are you fishing for answers? Do you need a place for some serenity? One of the most photographed places in the state of Michigan is an authentic fishing village known as Fish Town located in beautiful Leland.

During the summer months Leland draws crowds from around the globe who yearn to spend quality time boating, dining, fishing, golfing, shopping and swimming, Yes summer in Leland is a dream come true but during the wintertime there’s a certain solitude about Leland that’s quite mesmerizing.

Coming to Leland during the cold month of  February as I did today definitely has its rewards. Although popular places in Fish Town such as Carlson’s Fishery, Dam Candy Store, Diversions, and Village Cheese Shanty are on hiatus there’s something soothing about walking around the deserted grounds and basking in silence. Over at Van’s Beach the sand and snow mixed together against the shores of Lake Michigan calm the mind and spirit. You can walk without seeing a soul and breathe the crisp air. 

On Main Street it will be another few months before the sidewalks become crowded but in February you can window shop along the quiet street and fill your stomach with delectable soups, salads, sandwiches, and scones at either Sisson’s 203 Main Street or Trish’s Dishes 407 South Main Street.

At Bartholomew Park  (Nedow’s Bay) you can immerse with nature and take moments to ask yourself some questions and get answers because there’s no distractions to deal with in this part of the world during the month of February.

Life gets busy so when you want to put a temporary stop on multi-tasking and responsibilities head over to Leland and renew your body and spirit. Even if you don’t get the answers you’re fishing for right away you’ll be touched by the magic of Leland.






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