Warm & Waterful Spring Break in Northern Michigan

So spring break is coming up and many people are going out of town to warm places. Here are some alternatives for a just-as-warm spring break here in Northern Michigan. The two big water parks in the area (or 1 hour from here) are Great Wolf Lodge and Avalanche Bay.

Great Wolf Lodge is a really friendly place, the lifeguards are some of the nicest ones I’ve ever seen in my 11 years of life. Great Wolf Lodge has a very small risk, almost none, of getting hurt, that is if you follow the safety rules. Avalanche Bay does have more rides but Great Wolf is just as good, the place is warm the snacks are great, and it’s a very kid friendly place.

At Great Wolf Lodge, the yellow slide is most definitely my favorite, it’s a three-seater so all of my friends and I can ride! The bucket (one of the main aspects) drops a very large amount of water every five minutes or so. It has a nice declarative bell that you can hear all throughout the park. I wouldn’t recommend it for smaller children just because of the force of the water; it even pushes me to the ground! The kiddie slides on the main structure are also a great feature. They don’t splash any water in your face and they are a nice comfortable speed for little ones. The lazy river is a super nice getaway (especially for adults—it’s a nice getaway from the kids) it’s slow and relaxing. The green and blue slides are also a really good time, great ones to scream on!

Avalanche Bay is HUGE. It has many rides that are a bunch of fun. The toilet bowl slide ( Vertigo) is one of my favorites, you launch off into a dark tunnel with unexpected swoops and swerves. Then you shoot out into a big bowl. Warning! You WILL get a wedgie!

Another slide that is just as exciting is The Big Couloir. You step into a orange pod and a voice inside counts down, until a trap door falls out from under you and drops you into the slide. You may think this sounds unsafe and terrifying. It sounded that way to me, that is until my friend convinced me to do it. It’s not as bad as you think! When you’re in the pod, you want to cross your legs and arms, plug your nose, and close your eyes. When the floor drops from beneath you, do not throw your arms out in an attempt to grab something, you might hurt yourself if you do so. It’s a very short ride, but it’s something to remember!

The Super G slide is a nice long dark slide, not a real scary ride. It’s a great one for the smaller kids out there.  The Avalanche Bay lazy river is not as slow as the one at Great Wolf. It has water shoots, also known as the rapids. It has many little things shooting water out, and in the middle it has a structure that’s pouring water.

Avalanche Bay’s racer slides are adrenaline inducing! You lie on a mat and race your friends. When you first get up there, it is a little bit intimidating. It looks REALLY steep but when you get going you want to do it again! It feels like your flying!

The surfing ride isn’t one of my favorites at Avalanche Bay; it’s a bunch of fun but it kind of hurts your toes, eyes and hands. When I went on it, I didn’t last for long.  Avalanche Bay is really great place!

Overall, with the two waterparks, you really could not go wrong. Avalanche Bay’s prices are a bit higher than Great Wolf Lodge. But other than that, both are a really great spring break choice in Northern Michigan.

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