ZAP!! Laser Tag Fun in Traverse City

We all know this amazing game called laser tag. It’s super fun and very tiring (especially if you play for 6 hours). In Traverse City, there are two places to play. Incredible Mo’s and Lucky Jacks. Personally I myself like Incredible Mo’s, because it so HUGE. Although Lucky Jacks is also good, it is smaller and the prices are higher.

Incredible Mo’s laser tag arena has two floors, fun colors, and lots of places to hide. The concept of the game is to shoot the other team and the other team’s base as much as possible, without getting shot yourself. From up top, you can be a total sniper, but you can’t attack the bases. To stay up top, safe and sound, your whole team has to decide that’s where they want to go and take over, that way you wont get shot countless times in a row. When down below, always keep your ears and eyes keen, this will help with the snipers up top. You do have an advantage on the ground, you can go and attack the base! Warning: after a little while the base will start to reject you because you shot at it so many times. Tip: its a good thing to have another player from your team protecting you so you don’t get shot and shut down for 30 seconds. Also you can rotate when it starts denying you! You may notice little flashy things on the walls, shoot them! They give you bonus points! And everybody likes bonus points right?

The Vest

The vest that you wear in the game has some fun things to it. The vest has four shooter sensors. Two on the shoulder. One on the front and back. When you get shot your vest will vibrate and go dark. After about 30 seconds, it will light back up.

To shoot your gun you need to place your fingers at the head of the gun where the rivets are. If you try to shoot and your fingers are not placed correctly it will say “Gun!” and make a beep sound. You can also get shot and shut down if someone shoots your gun, but your vest only shuts down for about 10 seconds when your gun gets shot.

On your vest there will be a black button. If you hold that down for around three seconds, your vest will say “Shield activated!” and all of the shots that get shot at you will not count. This lasts for about 30 seconds. If you press the button for 1 second, it will take out a large area of players for 10 seconds. If you quickly tap it, it will make a rapid shooting sound and your gun will shoot multiple bullets for around three seconds. Be warned though, you only get two of each of these per game!

The Arcade

The arcade is GIANT. It has many games and challenges such as, laser maze, Juk’n’box, shooting games, racer games and much more. You can play ticket games to receive tickets and at the end of your time, you can get prizes! Who doesn’t love PRIZES!! The arcade is super fun.

Incredible Mo’s is such a kid friendly and fun place to be! On Wednesdays you can play $10 per person and get unlimited laser tag till 11 PM! Same for Fridays accept it’s $15. Warning it will be crowded on those days! But overall the place is great for young and old! Big and small! It’s great for everyone! I challenge you to go and have a great time! Good luck!

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