Rare Earth Hardwoods Featured at Art Prize 2015!

In business for over 32 years, Rare Earth Hardwoods has had a full spectrum of customers, from framing contractors to designers, to artists.

We are proud that Justine Dillenbeck is participating in Art Prize 2015, and is featuring wood slabs from BigWoodSlabs.com, one of the product websites operated by Rare Earth Hardwoods. Justine has tapped Rare Earth Hardwoods to source wood slabs for her stunning pyrography work. Here is a selection of her works from Art Prize 2015:

Wood burning installation of lions and bears by Jessica Dillenbeck for Art Prize 2015Jessica Dillenbeck artist statement - Art Prize 2015

Male and female lion - art price 2015

wood burning bear art prize 2015

Jessica Dillenbeck artist statement - Art Prize 2015ABOUT JUSTINE:

“Justine Dillenbeck is an illustrator working as a freelance artist in various media and subjects.

Her artistry stems all the way back into the age of four where she impressed her parents with a replication of the character Barney Rubble from the Flintstones on the back of a Cocoa Pebbles cereal box, and from then on drawing has been an integral part of her life.  Drawing was always a fascination, leading her to doodle and sketch no matter where she was, oftentimes borrowing napkins from the dinner table and using entire notebooks for sketches.

Her interests lie mainly in animals and science fiction with a wide range between.  Her talent impressed many in high school and she later enrolled at Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan, her home town.  With college came specific media including watercolor and oil, and then after graduation in 2012 she found herself with a new fascination with wood burning.” source: http://www.justinedillenbeckillustrations.com/about.html


Thanks Justine, for being a fan of Rare Earth Hardwoods and the products at BigWoodSlabs.com!



“Since 1982, Rare Earth Hardwoods has been supplying the world with the finest domestic and imported lumber and wood products.

As an importer and manufacturer, Rare Earth Hardwoods endeavors to accommodate a wide variety of customer needs for wood materials and associated services.  Our product line includes high quality exotic and domestic flooring, flooring accessories, inlays, specialty woods and plywood.

A continuous revolving inventory of over one-half million board feet of lumber provides material to our 60,000 square feet production facility situated on a 9 acre site near Traverse City, Michigan.

Rare Earth Hardwoods is committed to the responsible harvesting of timber used in our products.  Through continued education pertaining to the natural resource, along with innovative non-impact forestry practices, REH continues a tradition of developing methods for producing hardwood products with less impact on the environment. Our company in Brazil, Zero Impact Brazil (ZIB), is deeply committed to ecologically sound business practices and is designated as a “green” operation by the Brazilian government. ZIB earned the “Top of Environmental Quality” award from the Order of Parliamentary of Brazil (OPB). OPB noted in its letter of recognition that it values and encourages the initiatives of the company in the treatment of the environment, saying that it shows great responsibility in helping to establish and maintain “harmony in nature and the biodiversity of the planet.” source: http://www.rare-earth-hardwoods.com/


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