Looking Up North of Leland… by Brenda J. Clark

North of Leland

This tiny bold painting, “North of Leland” – 7 3/4″ x 4 1/2″, acrylic on arches paper – has a story. I bet you know this view or have caught a glimpse of a similar view as you walked up the beach. I live near Leland, Michigan and venture out from that point to paint… north or south… across or near. There is a lot to offer! The beach is an almost daily trek for me. Our wonderful golden retriever, Wonder, gets me out and down to the sand. The beach offers a vanishing point that sometimes keeps on going that wraps around the land masses jetting out and curving in. It is that looking up and not only looking for stones that tells a story. The islands, in this case, Fox Island surfaced in the heat of the summer. Sometimes it can be seen so clearly and other times just a glimpse. I paint on location 99 percent of the time. My goal is to put it down in paint – whether minimal or more – to give the feel of the moment and capture the scene. This small painting, “North of Leland,” was produced during a workshop I was teaching two years ago – on location near Birchwood Drive which is north of Leland. Every view changes and those images become part of our memory bank. Going north of Leland is always on my route and for many others, too! Looking up offers a lot in so many ways.

Brenda J. Clark

Brenda J. Clark Gallery, Suttons Bay, Michigan


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