Power of a Painting

Leland Harbor from North BeachA young professional from New York cold called me a month or so ago regarding the search for the perfect painting for friends that had married in the Leland, Michigan area last summer. He and his brother wanted something symbolic and of significance to the area and, by chance, saw my website and loved the paintings (www.brendajclark.com) . They chose a painting of North Beach called “Leland Harbor from North Beach“––feeling treasured memories would be brought forth each time it was seen. This cold call was a friendly experience of exploring where they had been in Leland, and it was fun to offer personal help as the brothers sought out their creative gift –– later shipped to the newlyweds in New York with a special card and their special note along with framing details for later use. The gift was a hit!


The power of a painting is big. Like a verse you read over and over to discover  new meaning––a painting compels ones mind to wonder, to dream, to relate. It offers a format for interpretation and perhaps a memory that has been in a box in your brain for a long time. The power of a painting is big and a treasure.

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