• So Long, Sweet Tomatoes!

    Aaron Peterson, one of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine’s Upper Peninsula writers and photographers, called us on Monday with news from Chatham: “Snow possible tonight, tomatoes still not ripe.” Say it isn’t so. I planted purple and black heirloom tomatoes this year (purple is the new red!) here in my backyard container garden in Traverse City […]

  • My Odom’s Obsession

    I went to Odom’s Re-Use last weekend after a long hiatus and was reminded all over again that I really love that place. Odom’s, in Grawn, just south of Traverse City, is where salvaged construction stuff goes to find a second life. Not entirely sure why, but there’s just something gratifying about walking around those […]

  • Your Gardening Day: Sunflowers Repurposed

    Yesterday I was clipping spent sunflower heads and lining them face up around the edge of my circle garden. Some of the larger heads contain at least 100 glossy, black sunflower seeds. I leave the drying heads in the garden over the winter for the chickadees, who flit in and out, plucking the seeds from […]

  • Paddling in the Fall

    Getting out on the water. Living away from Harbor Springs for fifteen years did nothing to quell my desire for boating; the big lakes, inland lakes, rivers running or frozen – nothing beats getting out on the water. What a different view we get of our home town, our favorite getaway, our morning walking path! […]

  • An ode to fall, the squash-tastic season

    Max is squatting behind a tower of squash, giggling the way only a three year old can, which is loud and lofty and floats through the fall breeze. “Can you see me?” he asks. “I’m camoflagged.” Camoflagged? I pretend, for a moment, to search for Max at the bottom of a nearby stack of pumpkins. […]

  • Business Expo a Success!

    Nearly 600 people found new ways to do business last week at the Chamber’s 2008 Business Expo! Steve Blank, of Untarnished Jewelry walked out of the Expo $1000 richer after winning the Business After Hours members-only cash drawing! Michigan’s point person for economic development, MEDC President James Epolito reminded us all that Manistee is a […]

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