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  • @rachel Hey! Thanks Rachel, glad to have discovered this outlet!

  • @rachel Thanks, Rachel! We are excited to pair with MyNorth Tickets for our April event! 

  • @rachel Hi Rachel!  Thanks for the note.  Im glad you enjoy the Leadership Lunch Club events.  Our next meeting is next Friday, February 8th at 11:30 (Traverse City Country Club).  We have some great speakers lined up.  It would be great to meet you!  http://www.leadershiplunchclub.com.
    Best Regards, 

  • @rachel Hi Rachel, it was very kind of you to drop a note. I hope this one finds you well, enjoying your beautiful bay.  I love TC in the early morning hours.  What’s happ’n? Oh, the usual really; work and family. Gratefully, all is well here.  I went to a Dave Matthews Band concert last night so I’m tired this morning and at once feel a great…[Read more]

  • @rachel Couldn’t agree more.  In fact, I feel like I looked at that very scene last time we were in Fishtown, but the light was nothing like what you captured.

  • @rachel Nice shot on the home page today.

  • @rachel The Red Hot issue is awesome Rachel!

  • Dean Bull posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    @rachel It does all of that and more. One is forced to grieve for the person, even though he is sitting there looking at you. It is such a difficult, incomplete, frustrating type of grief–fingernails-on-a-blackboard grief. I miss him so terribly sometimes, especially in the fall, when he would recite that poem. Yes, it did help. The tears felt…[Read more]

  • Dean Bull posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    @rachel Rachel, Thank you so very much. I had not tried a search for it this year. Last year was a bust, so I presumed it would be this year as well. My Father, now 91 and with Alzheimer’s, would recite the poem for me every fall as I grew up–as I read the poem, I could hear his voice; see his facial emphasis. This one line is the only one that…[Read more]

  • @rachel Thanks Rachel!

  • @rachel Thanks Rachel! It’s great seeing all the changes happening in the kids.

  • @rachel Rachel: Thanks for your comments. Obviously, I’m having a blast! What a great assignment. Will I see you at the closing night party? M.E.

  • deb83 posted an update 7 years, 5 months ago

    @rachel thank you rachel. i have had so much fun getting to know the area. heading off to alaska for a couple weeks, back in mid august. I am hoping to build a boat when i get back and will check in with them.

  • @rachel I am uploading some new pictures right now.

  • @rachel aw, I’m going to miss Betty’s posts! I did appreciate the perspective. I think I mentioned in a comment something to knowing the value of brevity. They were good and nice writing on your part. Some days, with her reference to roomies and seemingly playful jaunts, I thought Betty might be a college student or post-grad. On other days, she…[Read more]

  • @rachel Rachel,
    Sure. I do post all of our events on the calendar here. There is also a Northern Michigan Moms social network that you might want to include if you can. It is a ning.com site and I think that the Petoskey News Review is involved with that group. I just found out about the group yesterday and signed up to be a member. You may wish…[Read more]

  • @rachel Hi Rachel,

    Yes, My cottage is listed on My North. I love MyNorth.com! I always check on your events section before we come up, so I can plan my trip.

  • @rachel Thanks for the great presentation on Saturday (and the coffee mug!) I guess you could say that your presentation was effective… I’m now on MyNorth!

  • @rachel Thank you, Rachel. Fustini’s has had a good winter!
    We are planning to have our 3rd tasting dinner with Hanna late this spring.
    I will be sure to put it on mynorth.com calendar when we have more details.
    We have been invited to be at the Festival of Tables in May, where we will be offering our oils & balsamics for tasting.
    When you have…[Read more]

  • @rachel Thanks for inviting me here. Great idea to have a Getting Married Up North group. I’ll contribute, soon!

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